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batman 2008 logo diver by raccccy
HS: Eridan Ampora stamp by Janbearpig Russia stamp by Naru-Nisa Smoker Stamp by Kobatsu Monster University: Randall Stamp by DIA-TLOA
Wheatrey-kun Stampu by D00pliss385 Damian Wayne Stamp by ryoshockwave LoZ MM Happy Mask Man by Cathines-Stamps Dib Supporter Stamp by MissMune
Optimus Prime Stamp by TanukiKyuubi .:Dr. Jonathan Crane Stamp:. by Yunama Eyeless Jack stamp (new) by akatten .:Male!harley Quinn Stamp:. by Yunama


.:Yandere Happy Mask Salesman:. RE-UPLOAD by Yunama
.:Yandere Happy Mask Salesman:. RE-UPLOAD
:iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz:
"they've met with a terrible fate...haven't they...?"
i finally finished this piece xD I know its taken awhile I've just been procrastinating allot XD 
well as for this picture, the salesman happens to have some light yandere/yangire traits for example he quickly switches from friendly/caring to crazy/violent in a instant. He's a OBSESSIVE yandere in this AU btw! x3 if u want to know what that is here - .:The Two Yandere Types:. 
he seems to be more of a yangire since he doesn't have true loyalty/love to a certain character in canon but this version of him come from my AU where my OC REF.:Angwen:. Zelda OC Angwen is present and he does now have a romantic connection.
i probably will draw more of this version of him and if you want to see more please tell me!
- yunama

happy mask salesman (c) Nintendo 
axe design! -…
REF.:Angwen:. Zelda OC by Yunama
REF.:Angwen:. Zelda OC


blue heart bullet Name: 

blue heart bullet Name Meaning: 
Iron (ang) Maiden and Virgin (gwen)

blue heart bullet Age: 23

blue heart bullet Gender: Female

blue heart bullet Species: Hylian 

blue heart bullet Height:
5' 2"

blue heart bullet Weight: 183 lbs

blue heart bullet Hair color: Black

blue heart bullet Eye color: Bright Amber

blue heart bullet Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: She has many years of knight battle training, so she is a skilled swords-woman.

blue heart bullet Weapon(s): Angwen carries a long Hyrulian sword but does use a guard spear from time to time on her rounds around the castle. But she will use whatever she can find if she loses said weapons. 

blue heart bullet Birth town: Castle Town

blue heart bullet Current town: Castle Town

blue heart bullet Birth allegiance: Hyrule

blue heart bullet Current allegiance: Hyrule (happy mask salesman is also one of her top priorities even though she does not like to admit it)

blue heart bullet Personality: As a solider in service she is a stern loyal, and dependable person though her real personality sometimes shines through with mercy and tenderness towards others. When she isn't on patrol or fighting in battle she is a kind, fun loving person, with a little childish streak since she makes and keeps stuffed animals in her room. But  Though there are exceptions were she'll only wound you. When she is around civilians she acts professional and even sometimes cold ex. When she saved the happy mask salesman in Hyrule castle town from a group of thieves he would start following her and trying to express his gratitude but she simply told him “i was only doing my job. You do not need to thank me.” Though this did not seem to alter his feelings. She has a soft spot for children since she did not have much of a childhood she was to busy training to be a solider under her parents watchful eyes. In her interests she is quite childish, she enjoys children toys/games and even play with the town children in there games at times. 

blue heart bullet Flaws: Angwen can get paranoid and suspicious of others very easily and is quick to act on those feelings if they do or say something in which would confirm her fears in her eyes. when she is betrayed or attacked she will not hesitate to seek and get revenge against even friends or family. Do to losing all her friends to monsters when the didn't make it back to castle town before sunset she is very protective of the connections she has but like said before she will try to kill you if you break her heart or betray her. When she develops romantic feelings she will try to hide them as best they can and even go so far as to deny they even exist. But will eventually crack and confess and act on her true feelings once they become strong enough.

blue heart bullet Strengths:
- Fighting
- high average intelligence
- social skills

blue heart bullet Weaknesses:
- limited physical strength
- can die by normal means

blue heart bullet Family:


Lilian (mother)

blue heart bullet Likes:
- cats
- dogs
- rain storms
- talking with people
- training
- *cough* happy mask salesman *cough*
- stuffed animals
- toys
- games

blue heart bullet Dislikes:
- being lied to
- being betrayed
- extremely hot weather
- humid weather
- spicy foods
- monkeys

blue heart bullet Fears: 
- happy mask salesman(formerly)
- kree(bats)
- being skinned alive
- fire
blue heart bullet -Relationships-

Happy Mask Salesman:
Angwen and the Salesman or as i like to call him Ru share a very interesting relationship, she originally knew of him as a simple merchant in the square. But that all changed after the day she saved his life from monsters, and he took a interest in her. at first she brushed it off as gratitude, but his interest in her became more and more unsettling for she always felt someone watching her wherever she went. he would follow her constantly during her rounds. even sneaking into her house several times were she would find him in her living room, she had finally had enough when she confronted him about his behavior in the back alley. only to be cornered by him and have him tell her sternly "you need not worry child....i am simply. admiring." after which she ran back to her home completely terrified of the mask man. after several months of this she started to grow found of him, though her fear tainted those feelings immensely, she did not know why he was doing this but she didn't know what to do about it. She was once again confronted by the salesman but this time it was much scarier for he told her "i am more than grateful my dear. I think in love is a word more fitting, and i wish to have you all to myself." she was terrified, but he didn't try to hurt her at all, the salesman seems to care about Angwen though she is still scared and suspicious of him. after some more coaxing and her own feelings bubbling over she returns his affections, the salesman said to her "your the only one for me..even though i am eternal and you are not...when you die by natural means..i will turn you into a mask and keep you by my side you will be my most precious mask." even though she was kind of disturbed by this statement she simply nodded in understanding. All around the salesman does indeed care about her as shown by his protectiveness and his obsessiveness. and only wishes to turn her into a mask if she dies by normal means(he doesn't mean kill her and turn her into a mask.) she also cares about him a great deal but still tries to deny it. (THERE RELATIONSHIP WILL BE DEVELOPED MORE LATER.)

blue heart bullet History: Angwen was born in Hyrule castle town to a Hyrulian guard named Lekon and his wife Lilian. She was meant to be a boy, since both of them wanted to raise a solider. but when she turned out to be female they still raised her as planned. Her training progressed until she began to have time to make friends with the others, one night she was playing with her friends at lon lon ranch when she was able to sneak away from her training. They started to head home but unfortunately the sun went down before they could reach the draw bridge, the monsters of the knight came out from the ground(Stal) and attacked the group she was forced to watch her friends be killed after her closes friend shoved her in the moat. Because of this, she hides her feelings the best she can to try and protect others for she feels it was her fault they died. She lived a lonesome childhood after that growing into the solider she is today. 

blue heart bullet Extra/Trivia:

- If you would fit Angwen in a Dere Trope from anime she would be a mix of Tsundere(since she denies her feelings and sometimes acts rude to the salesman) yangire (since she will become violent if pushed to far) and some hints of yandere (once she has accepted her feelings) but she's more of a mayadere.

- Her head canon voice is Shion in the Japanese dub of higurashi -…
- she's a shorty short x3

PC.:Russell and Leah:. For xinsaneangelx by Yunama
PC.:Russell and Leah:. For xinsaneangelx
want to commission me? :3 - Commission Info

I hope you enjoy it! :3

Russell and Leah (c) XInsaneAngelX 
art (c) me
.:Yandere Sheldon:. by Yunama
.:Yandere Sheldon:.
"jenny i took care of the we can be happy together...right?"
I FINALLY made a picture of Yandere!Sheldon i believe he is a kids cartoon version of one. since he didn't become violent yet in the shows canon but i say he came pretty close. 
whoever can guess who's blood this is gets 5 Points 's! and i'll give you a clue its NOT jenny's. 1 she's a robot and 2 this yandere sheldon is a obsessive yandere. if you want to know what that means see this .:The Two Yandere Types:.

Sheldon Lee (c) My life As A Teenage Robot
Yandere Pose (c) Mirai Nikki 
Mic: On
Music: sometimes.
Skype: No-one 
- Don't join and leave right after it hurts. if you come please stay for at least a few minutes. if your having internet trouble just tell me.
- Requests?? sometimes. only sketch requests. 
- can i commission you in the stream? yes you can. here's my price list. Commission Info
- Be nice.
- no spaming.
- be nice to other people.
- make sure to talk. don't just come and not say anything. at least say hi.
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